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Let Me Game in Peace
Let Me Game in Peace

NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Chapter 1218 – Imparting the Qi Refinement Art prickly animal
A Changed Man, and Other Tales
“Secretary Liu, this is actually the trainer I employed. Arrange for him to remain in my back yard,” Hui Wan reported.
Liu Yujin didn’t take too lightly Zhou Wen thanks to his young age, but he was knowledgeable about the fresh geniuses from throughout the Federation.
Zhou Wen immediately trained the Qi Refinement Art to Hui Wan. Hui Wan really was intelligent. His recollection was excellent—his photographic recollection was only an elementary trait of his.
“Let me examine,” Zhou Wen stated since he grabbed Hui Wan’s hands and administered his Substance Vigor into his body.
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Hui Wan was a bit unhappy, however, not knowing was better than definitely not being able to overcome him.
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He evaluated Zhou Wen’s appearance to similar-aged experts from the Federation and in many cases abroad and realized that he was momentarily unsure of Zhou Wen’s ident.i.ty.
“I can teach you, but I don’t want you to get results for me once and for all. I just now need to have anyone to help me do three factors,” Zhou Wen reported.
Let Me Game in Peace
Zhou Wen immediately explained the Qi Refinement Craft to Hui Wan. Hui Wan was really sensible. His remembrance was excellent—his photographic storage was just a fundamental feature of his.
“I can instruct you, but to what level one can learn is dependent upon your talent and time and energy. It is not secured that you could defeat Faceless Buddha,” Zhou Wen said.
To his surprise, Hui Wan was grave. “I’ll a single thing it takes, as long as it’s ethical and doesn’t injury my family or pals. Whether or not I have to stop anything, I will definitely carry out the three stuff you want.”
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“What do you want to learn about?” Zhou Wen asked.
“What could they be?” Hui Wan hurriedly expected.
“I’ll describe this issue to my father my own self,” Hui Wan stated when he drawn Zhou Wen’s palm and went forwards. He understood that Liu Yujin was obviously a very rigorous man or woman. He taken care of a dubious att.i.tude towards almost everything. In the eye, any individual was either a criminal or perhaps a believe.
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Zhou Wen immediately educated the Qi Refinement Skill to Hui Wan. Hui Wan was practical. His remembrance was excellent—his photo ability to remember was only an elementary attribute of his.
“I can teach you, however don’t will need you to work for me once and for all. I just demand that you aid me do three factors,” Zhou Wen explained.
Liu Yujin was somewhat considered aback when he been told that. Just after carefully sizing up Zhou Wen, he frowned and claimed, “You are Zhou Wen from Luoyang?”
“Alright, I’ll provide you with the Qi Refinement Fine art.” Upon hearing Hui Wan’s ideas, Zhou Wen started to in this way child. He indeed acquired your mind and qualities which had been exceptional in standard young children.
“I don’t know,” Zhou Wen clarified.
Liu Yujin didn’t ignore Zhou Wen on account of his early age, but he was knowledgeable about the fresh geniuses from all around the Federation.
“Then can you apply the Qi Refinement Fine art to defeat Faceless Buddha?” Hui Wan inquired yet again.
“That’s very good.” Zhou Wen nodded.
Although his cultivation natural talent may not be high quality, providing he could keep this type of mentality and also the Hui family’s enormous investment capital, always creating the Heart and soul Electricity Arts would cause a specified standard of successes in the foreseeable future.
He was very positive about his storage. Though he possessed only seen the Zhou Wen inside the photography and the Zhou Wen in the photography was somewhat just like the Zhou Wen in front of him, he still believed they weren’t a similar individual.
Liu Yujin didn’t underestimate Zhou Wen because of his young age, but he was experienced with the little geniuses from all over the Federation.
Chapter 1218: Imparting the Qi Refinement Craft
“Secretary Liu, right here is the coach I employed. Request him to remain in my backyard,” Hui Wan explained.
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It wasn’t only Zhou Wen even if the family heads from the six young families emerged, Liu Yujin would deal with them as suspects. When it comes to Hui Wan could remember, he acquired never witnessed any variations in Liu Yujin’s ice-cubes-cool deal with.

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